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Capturing The Imagination Of Business Prospects

Be it in written or electronic form, producing a carefully worded sales pitch with the aim of generating new business opportunities is certainly worthy of careful thought and consideration.

But drafting either a compelling letter or email to be sent to new business prospects can sometimes be easier said than done. There are many pitfalls which can mean that a potentially lucrative outreach can be scuppered because the content fails to strike the right chord to prompt further dialogue.

So before even putting pen to paper to plan a sales letter, what are the key points to keep in mind to ensure outreach made has the best chance of achieving the desired results?

Although it may sound obvious, recalling personal experience when such communication was received in the past is a good starting point. Understanding what the recipient will be looking for and then fulfilling someone’s needs or expectations is absolutely critical.

Secondly, it is imperative to capture the reader’s imagination from the outset which means grabbing the attention of the recipient with both a catchy headline that will really trigger a desire to read on further.

Thirdly, as a broad reference to the approach, a letter or email needs to follow broadly the same structure no matter what the product or service may be – namely an introduction, body of content and a conclusion.

Next, it is vital to always use simple words and phrases avoiding vocabulary which may be misconstrued causing confusion, or worse still offence in some way. As well as the actual words and phrases, drafting short sentences and paragraphs in a conversational manner is likely to be far more effective than long winded paragraphs where salient points can easily be overlooked by the recipient.

To ensure there is credibility in terms of the claims being made about the product or service in question, consideration should be made to include third-party testimonials too.

We often read how the attention span of a reader is notoriously minimal, likely to become bored very easily so having an attractive proposition is absolutely key. Reiterating the main benefits that can be derived from a particular product or service rather than merely a description per se without repeating the same words is also crucial.

Be it via a telephone number, email or online, a clear call to action is absolutely imperative to encourage further dialogue too.

Of course, last but not least and grammatically incorrect and miss-spelt words will immediately give the reader ample reason to discard the sales pitch without reading on further hence utilising the spell-checker should never be overlooked!

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