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Published on April 26th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw


You Can Never Have Enough Stationery

Especially on World Stationery Day. As National Stationery Week is now in full swing we are celebrating the written word and all things stationery.

Everyone at the Post Office Shop is certainly of the opinion that you can never have enough stationery. However, some people take this to the extreme. Here is some information on some serious stationery addicts according to Guinness World Records.

Top 10 Stationery World Records

stationery world records

1. Largest Collection of Pencil Sharpeners

For the past 20 years Demetra Koutsouridou from Greece has collected pencil sharpeners. At the time of counting in 2003 she had a collection of 8,514 different pencil sharpeners.

2. Largest Collection of Erasers

Petra Engels of Germany has been collecting erasers for over 30 years. She has a collection of 19,571 erasers, with no duplicates, which she displays in custom made cabinets. She started her collection when she was 9 in 1981 after visiting a stationery shop. Her mother’s friends would buy her erasers instead of chocolate as a child.

3. Largest Collection of Pencils

Tushar Lakhanpal from Delhi, India owns 19,824 pencils. He has been collecting pencils since he was three. His collection is colour coordinated and displayed in several cabinets. The longest pencil he has is 8 feet long and the smallest just 3cm.

4. Largest Collection of Ballpoint Pens

Angelika Unverhau of Germany has 285,150 ballpoint pens in her collection. With no duplicates, her pens come from 148 different countries. She has even founded a club for collectors which meets twice a year to trade pens.

5. Longest Chain of Marker Pens

With 7,210 marker pens and a length of 77.29 metres, this record was set by Carine Primary School in Australia on 30 October 2014.

6. Largest Colouring Book

In 2016 the largest colouring book was created in Poland by Danone, the yogurt manufacturing company to celebrate their 25th anniversary. The colouring book was 12 metres² in size. We’re not sure how many coloured pencils were needed to colour it all in.

7. Largest Rubber Band Ball

Most of us at some time will have attempted to make a rubber band ball. You may even have one at the back of your desk drawer. Yet, the largest rubber band ball will take some beating. Weighing 4,097 kg, it was made by Joel Waul in Florida, USA and was officially measured on 13th November 2008. Joel started creating his rubber band ball in April 2004 and used 700,000 rubber bands of all sizes to create his masterpiece. The ball’s name is “Megaton”. It is 6 feet 7 inches high and 25 feet 4 inches in diameter.

8. Largest Paperclip

Created by Evgeny Stepovik in Russia, the largest paperclip is 9 m 28cm in height and 2m 72cm wide. Made from stainless steel it weighs 530kg.

9. Largest Notebook

Revealed at the London Stationery Show as part of National Stationery Week in 2016, the largest notebook measured 0.99m². Stationery company Nuco International Ltd designed the book as a supersized replica of one of their products. It took four people five hours to bind the book which weighed nearly 40kg.

10. Longest Line of Sticky Notes

Collected as part of a campaign to send messages to soldiers in the Indian Army. The length of the line was 8.33km and included 114,741 sticky notes.

Inspired to Start Your Own Stationery Collection?

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Any collection needs a theme and our Fashion Stationery selection should give you some inspiration.

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