Published on September 5th, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

Bring Your Manners To Work Day

We have been interested to learn that today is designated ‘Bring Your Manners To Work Day’ which aims to promote appropriate etiquette in the office as a means of encouraging both a happy and productive environment.

Considering that many of us work closely with colleagues and spend a considerable amount of time with them over the course of a week, good manners are an absolute necessity.

So what are the key points to bear in mind? Here’s ten for starters:

  1. Be punctual in everything work related, turning up on time in the mornings and to meetings is essential
  2. Ensure personal mobile phone calls are kept to a minimum and that phones are kept on silent and don’t become a constant distraction during the working day
  3. Don’t spread germs by coughing and sneezing over colleagues. Keep tissues to hand and if you’re really sick don’t come to work in the first place
  4. Wherever possible avoid consuming lunch at the workstation – smelly food will easily offend colleagues and is also not particularly hygienic
  5. Be mindful of creating unwanted attention by speaking overly loudly on the phone
  6. Respect the feelings of others, addressing colleagues in a courteous and respectful manner both in person and also on email
  7. Dress appropriately for work, adhering to the relevant dress code at all times
  8. As well as ideally not taking work issues home, in every sense, it’s also important not to bring home issues to work. What’s more, over-sharing inappropriate personal-life matters with colleagues causing potential embarrassment should certainly be avoided
  9. Ideally, keep in mind the fact to listen first and respond second in all work conversations as opposed to the other way round
  10. Keep both the personal workstation clean and presentable and show the same respect to communal areas and shared kitchen appliances as would be the case at home

If any of these shortfalls sound at all familiar, there’s no better time to bring good manners to work than right now on Bring Your Manners To Work Day!

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