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Published on November 2nd, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Bonfire Night Traditions

Fireworks will be lighting up the sky up and down the country this weekend.  As we get ready to celebrate the anniversary of Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, we look at some of the great bonfire night traditions.

Firework Displays

All the major towns and cities will be holding spectacular firework displays and bonfires burning the effigy of the guy. Here are details of some of the biggest:

Alexandra Palace, London – Providing unbeatable panoramic views of London, this display also includes a March of the Phoenix fire parade with fire eaters.

LEGOLAND® Windsor – The firework display this year includes Lego Ninjago heroes and Master Wu to celebrate the recent 3D computer animated LEGO® Ninjajo film.

Drayton Manor, Birmingham – Billed as the biggest display to be held at the venue, the 2017 display is set to be a delight for sci-fi fans. The fireworks are to be set to music from Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy to name but a few.

Penny for the Guy

School children asking for “a penny for the guy” was common place for many years. Back in the 1980’s nearly a quarter of school children would make their Guy Fawkes out of rags and newspaper. However, these days, this tradition has nearly died out.  Halloween trick or treating, just a few days before Bonfire Night now is more popular.

Bonfire Night Food

toffee apples

Now that the clocks have gone back, we are all craving comfort food. Since Bonfire Night coincides with us reverting back to GMT, it is the perfect excuse to indulge in some wonderful sweet and savoury delights including:

  • Bonfire toffee
  • Yorkshire parkin
  • Bangers and mash, after all this week is National Sausage Week.
  • Jacket potatoes wrapped in foil
  • Toffee apples

If you’re planning a Bonfire night party, make sure to stock up on party plates and cutlery along with plenty of hot drinks to keep you and guests warm and toasty whilst watching the fireworks.

Did You Know?

Until 1859, it was illegal NOT to celebrate Bonfire Night in Britain. The only place in the country that chooses that had an exemption to this law was St Peter’s School in York. This was the school where Guy Fawkes was a pupil.

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