Published on September 2nd, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

Beat The Post-Holiday Blues: Handy Hints And Tips

Here at the Post Office Shop, we love everything about holidays. However, one thing that we don’t like about taking time off work is the feeling of post holiday blues. With that in mind, we have assembled some handy hints and tips to help prevent them setting in.

Firstly, where possible, take an extra day or two before returning to work. By allowing additional time at home to relax and do things at a leisurely pace it provides an opportunity to actively plan for going back to work. By doing this, there is less likely to be a sense of surprise upon return to the office.

The second thing which could help is formulating a plan of work, so sit down with a notepad and pen and make a to-do list for the first day back. Allow time to cleanse email inboxes and catch up with anything which may have occurred whilst being out of the office. Rather than going head first into meetings, take time to reintegrate into the office environment. If there is enough confidence to do so, have an email purge and delete all unnecessary emails; leaving the important ones to read and address.

Rather than casting away those holiday memories when returning to work, share them with colleagues and friends. Recalling events and sharing digital camera snaps from holidays will extend the positive mood associated with being away on holiday.

Another consideration is to leave on and out-of-office reply. By leaving it on during the catch up period, colleagues will be made aware that there is a backlog of emails to work through and will be understanding if they do not receive an immediate response.

Subject to remaining annual leave entitlement, booking another holiday upon your return may actually be beneficial too. This then gives provides another event to look forward to and gives motivation to work productively in the meantime. Consult the diary and get some potential dates penciled in.

Finally, a change in daily routine has the potential to refresh the outlook of an individual to work. Perhaps try a new fitness regime or take up a hobby. This not only signals ambition and a positive outlook, but provides a challenge to inspire and motivate.

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