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How Will You Beat The Monday Blues?

Are you feeling SAD today? The answer is more likely to be ‘yes’ today than any other apparently. That’s because today is dubbed ‘Blue Monday’ which is supposed to be the unhappiest day of the year.

Our mood is likely to be rather subdued bearing in mind the Christmas celebrations now seem just a distant memory as many of us suffer from post-Christmas debt having spent more on presents than we could really afford. What’s more the cold weather with shorter days and less sunlight is hardly conducive to us having a happy demeanour!

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a form of depression that apparently affects approximately 7 per cent of the British population between the months of September and April. It can be particularly severe during December, January and February.

But it’s time to well and truly beat the Monday Blues! So what can be done to lighten and brighten the mood?

One suggestion is to brighten up the working environment by adding some plants which can do wonders for productivity. It has been scientifically proven that plants not only reduce unwanted noise but are also aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

Another way to tackle the winter blues is to listen to some music whilst going about those daily tasks. As long as it is practical to do so, several studies have shown that listening to music can be a great motivator without causing a distraction which could be detrimental to productivity levels.

Alternatively why not brighten up the office with some new fresh colours? Yellow mimics the colour of the sun and daylight. And that is something we severely miss at this time of year, so an office makeover might be just the tonic to reduce fatigue at work. A selection of brightly yellow coloured items of stationery such as Post-It Notes and lever arch files would help too!

In addition, why not consider joining the growing number of office workers who are converting from traditional desks to the new wave of workstations. Standing desks are becoming all the rage to address musculoskeletal related disorders. Meanwhile, reputed to effectively tackle fatigue, the treadmill desk goes one step further that might be an insight into the office of the future!

Whilst January can seem like a bleak time all round, having some events to look forward to can always be therapeutic too.

As well as perhaps booking a holiday for the summer, some dates for our diaries to note include the arrival of a new royal sibling for baby Prince George sometime in April or May as well as the general election on 7th May. And in sport, the Rugby World Cup which starts on 18th September will be eagerly anticipated as it is taking place on these shores.

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