Published on August 20th, 2018 | by Sam Rose

Banking With The Post Office

Did you know that the Post Office offers a range of banking services?

With the ever-growing unfortunate closures of bank branches on the high street, you might be concerned that in-person banking is disappearing. Whilst research from consumer group Which? suggests that bank branches are now closing at the rate of almost 60 a month, you can still carry out your day to day banking with the Post Office. Here’s how

Banking Services Available at the Post Office

If you live in the UK, then you are probably part of the 93% of the population that has a Post Office branch within a mile of your home or business. In fact, with more than 11,500 Post Office branches situated in the UK (including kiosks within other retail stores), it’s never been easier to begin banking with the Post Office.

The banking services offered by many Post Office branches include:

  • Withdrawing cash from your usual bank account using a debit/credit card
  • Checking your bank balance using your debit/credit card
  • Depositing a cheque using a paying-in slip (unfortunately this doesn’t apply to Nationwide customers)
  • Paying cash into your regular bank account using a debit/credit card or by using a paying-in slip

These services listed are available for free to customers of 28 banks including the likes of HSBC, NatWest and Barclays. It’s important however, to check which banks and banking services are available at the Post Office location you are travelling to, which you can do here.

Post Office Banking Services

Important Things to Remember about Banking with the Post Office

If you choose to do some of your banking with the Post Office, there are a few important things to remember. Should you want to pay in a cheque, you should note that the funds can take a day longer to arrive in an account in comparison to if doing so at the bank. Another important thing to note is that customers of a selections of banks such as Halifax or Bank of Scotland won’t be able to deposit money at the Post Office using their card. Instead, you will be required to bring a personalised paying-in slip from your bank.

There are also some other bank specialized services that you unfortunately won’t be able to access whilst banking with the Post Office. These will include:

  • Setting up any standing orders
  • Reporting a lost or stolen card/reporting card or bank account fraud
  • Personalised advice on bank products such as loans, new accounts etc.
  • Opening new bank products

Cash Security Products from the Post Office Shop

So if you’re planning on heading down to your local Post Office to do some banking, why not keep your cash or valuables safe with a great range of Cash Security products available from the Post Office Shop? From Cash Boxes to Cash Handling, the Post Office Shop has you covered!

Q-Connect Banking Cash BoxCash Banking Bags

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