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Published on March 27th, 2020 | by Sam Rose

Are You Ready for Homeschooling?

The recent situation in the world has led to the closure of schools and educational facilities across the country for non-key workers’ children, but are you ready for homeschooling?

Last week, the unprecedented decision was made to close schools around the country for children of non-key workers due to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The announcement of school and other educational institutions to be closed with immediate effect has meant that parents and carers are now being encouraged to carry out weekly homeschooling for an indefinite period of time.

It’s estimated that even before the Coronavirus outbreak took place, the number of children being homeschooled had doubled in just four years, with approx. 60,000 children in the UK being taught the school curriculum within their own homes.

So with the new rise in homeschooling, how can you best get to grips with this new approach to education?

How to Prepare for Homeschooling

Create a Timetable

Timetable Homeschooling

One of the key pieces of advice which is provided by Betsy Kharas from online tutoring platform Tutor House, is to establish a timetable based on the current school curriculum from the get-go.

After understanding the Key Stage level that a child is working at and what their typical week at school tends to include lessons wise, creating a physical timetable will help maintain structure in what will at first be an unusual routine.

Kharas explains:

“Using this as a base is a great way to provide structure without it feeling drastically different from what they’re used to.

Parents should try to schedule every part of the day into the timetable, such as reading time from 8am -9am, project from 9-10am, breaktime from 10am-10:30am along with slots for activities such as games or baking.”

She adds:

“This will help your kids feel like they’re taking advantage of this time off, whilst still ensuring they are still progressing academically.”

Have Some Resources on Hand to Back You Up

Nicola Anderson, head of customer support at online tutoring service MyTutor, stresses the importance of having some back-up resources available when attempting to teach more complex parts of a child’s curriculum.

Anderson expresses:

“You’re likely to run into situations where your child doesn’t understand some of their course content and you’re unable to help.

In these situations, having some resources ready is wise.

Look up the specifications for the subjects your child is studying from the relevant exam boards and bookmark any online resources that can help you out.”

However, if you are struggling with understanding some of the concepts you are trying to teach yourself and can’t find any helpful resources, Anderson provides the suggestion of looking for support from an online tutor who can help to make things clearer.

Try to Keep Things Fun and Interesting

While it’s important to make sure that a child is learning their regular school curriculum, former Peterborough schoolteacher Emily Hughes provides insight to say that it’s worth also using this time at home to help a child learn some new skills or start a fun new project too.

She comments:

“They’re going to get bored being stuck at home (Yes, even with schoolwork to do!)

If they can find a project to do that they have chosen for themselves, and actually care about, they’ll be motivated to do it.

It’ll mean much less nagging from you too!”

Providing some suggestions on the type of extra-curricular projects children could mix in with their school timetable, Hughes adds:

“They could learn to code and build an app or a website.

They could learn to cook and take some of the pressure off you.

They could take an online art course and develop their drawing skills.

There’s a course for pretty much everything online somewhere!”

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Equipment

Of course, much like having some home office essentials prepared when working remotely, it’s important to have the right equipment and stationery available for both you and your child to use when starting homeschooling!

The Post Office Shop has a wide range of Homeschooling essentials available right now such as Calculators, Notebooks, Stationery and Filing solutions.

There’s even a dedicated section on the website containing our top picks of School Essentials featuring Highlighters, Pocket Wallets, Pens, Pencils, Organisers and more from all of the leading brands!

With such a varied curriculum to get through when homeschooling, why not take a look at our Class Packs of stationery and other education must-haves in larger quantities to ensure you’ve got everything you need to set up the perfect classroom within the comfort of your home!

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