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A Heatwave Is Coming!

Soaring temperatures and wall to wall sunshine are great news for anyone fortunate enough to have booked the week off work. However for millions of office workers confined to their desks, the heatwave conditions are likely to make the working day potentially rather uncomfortable.

Indeed forecasters have said there is an ‘80% probability’ of heatwave conditions in the next few days when we can all expect to experience temperatures rising well into the 30s; all  due to a warm front and tropical continental air mass from Europe pushing across the country.

The heatwave is expected to be a major cause of disruption throughout the country that will impact on employees travelling to and from work, as well as during the working day itself.

Whilst ideally an office environment remains well ventilated whatever the temperature is outside, in reality many of us notice the hot weather having a detrimental effect on our surroundings.

According to The Chartered Management Institute, many businesses underestimate the risk posed by weather issues and some employees may even be tempted to take an extra day’s leave; so what can we all do to lessen the impact of this unusually hot and sticky weather whilst at work?

Tips for keeping cool

Stay well hydrated by taking regular breaks and keep a ready supply of cold drinks to hand throughout the day.

Cool down by using desk fans which can even be clipped to the end of a workstation for ease of use to create a cooling breeze in an overheating office environment.

Wear appropriate attire. Whilst there is apparently a legal limit for working in cold temperatures (16C), there is no upper limit. So, subject to the approval of the boss, dressing in cool summer clothing will help maintain levels of productivity and counter the lethargic feeling which is all too common where there is no air-conditioning at work.

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