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Published on November 19th, 2013 | by admin

50 Years Of Doctor Who

With ‘The Day of the Doctor’ nearly upon us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we take a look at the Time Lord’s of the more recent past.

The sixth doctor was played by Colin Baker between 1984 and 1986, who is remembered for his flamboyant and confrontational character, personified by his colourful dress sense. Notable confrontations during his three year tenure as the Doctor included defeat of the amoral Gallifreyan scientist known only as the Rani. However this confrontation proved fatal when the TARDIS came under attack during their battle and the seventh incarnation of the Doctor soon followed. The Trial of a Timelord episode was one of the most memorable episodes during the adventures of the sixth Doctor.

Sylvester McCoy first appeared as the seventh Dr Who in 1987 and was a complex character with a charming persona and talent for the unexpected (including a talent for playing spoons). This Dr Who toppled empires in a single night amongst his conquests along with his close companion Ace. But whilst transporting the remains of his former enemy the Master from Skaro to Gallifrey , the Master was able to take control of the Doctor’s TARDIS and cause it to land where the Doctor was shot in the middle of a gang shoot-out. The Remembrance of the Daleks episode in 1988 was one of the most memorable in during the seventh incarnation of Dr Who.

Whilst making a brief appearance when Dr Who made a comeback to the screens in 1996 following a seven year absence, Sylvester McCoy was then replaced by Paul McGann who became the eighth doctor, albeit in one TV film. Tasked with saving the world from being pulled inside-out by the Master’s hijacking of the TARDIS, the eighth Dr Who had the iconic sonic screwdriver and LED torch at his disposal which was a handy tool first appearing in the second Doctors venture in 1968.

Played fleetingly by Christopher Eccleston, the ninth incarnation of Dr Who in 2005 marked the show’s revival after a nine year break. With a contemporary appearance in stark contrast to his predecessors, the ninth Doctor faced old adversaries, most notably the Daleks with the Dalek Emperor having also survived the Time War and rebuilt the Dalek empire. In attempting to save Rose Tyler by transferring the Daleks dangerous power into his own body, the ninth Dr Who paid the ultimate price as his body exploded with raging energy.

The tenth incarnation of Dr Who from 2005 to 2010 was played by David Tennant who was often portrayed as extroverted and gregarious. Yet despite often having Rose Tyler and Martha Jones by his side, he was also at time a lonely character due to his ability to regenerate which differentiated him from his companions. Notable confrontations during his five year tenure as the Doctor included fighting recognised foes such as the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans as well as new aliens like the Weeping Angels.

Since 2010, Matt Smith has played the role of the current, eleventh Doctor who is a centuries-old alien from the planet Gallifrey. Noted for his romantic liaisons with companion River Song, despite his youthful disposition, this Dr Who is often portrayed as seemingly ignorant of popular culture. Adversaries he has faced as the Doctor include the Daleks, Cybermen, The Great Intelligence and the Silurians.

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