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Published on November 26th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Royal Mail Reflect on Special Stamps with the Release of the 2019 Yearbook – Part 2

2019 has been another tremendous year for special stamps issues, all of which are highlighted in Royal Mail’s new 2019 Yearbook!

With the final Special Stamps issue for the year being revealed as the mighty Star Wars III earlier this month, it’s time we look back and reminisce on what has been another great set of stamps releases within the Special Stamps 2019 calendar!

From the MARVEL-ous heroics of the comic book world, a celebration of the true wonders within the British Engineering industry and a tribute to the man they call the Rocketman, this year’s special stamp issues have certainly had something for all generations!

Join us as we flashback to the final six months of 2019 in special stamps, covering June’s release all the way up to November’s double issue!

June – D-Day

We entered June on a somber, thought provoking note with the issue of a set of stamps which marked 75 years since the historic D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy.

Six special stamps and a further six 1st class Miniature Sheet stamps were released as part of a historic and poignant recollection of one of the largest combined naval, land and air operations to have been held in the history of warfare.

Featuring real photographs taken during the most significant moments during the planning, preparation and embarkation of D-Day, this issue was a true tribute to recognize the outstanding bravery of the Allied Forces during the Second World War.

D-Day British Soldiers Embarkation Stamp - Yearbook 2019

July – Curious Customs

There was much a lighter note taken with July’s special stamps issue which was a celebration of some of the UK’s more unique customs and traditions!

The Curious Customs issue presented us with eight colourful stamp designs featuring a mix of some well-known and not so well-known events that take place in the UK including the likes of the World Gurning Championships, Cheese Rolling, Bog Snorkeling and others!

For anyone who takes part in these annual customs or has an interest in the more unique parts of the UK’s history, this was quite the exciting and fascinating release indeed!

Curious Customs Cheese Rolling Stamp

August – Forests

Idyllic nature was brought to the forefront with the special stamps issue featured in August, as we were encouraged to step out into the wilderness to observe some of the UK’s most scenic woodlands.

Six picturesque designs were included in this breathtaking release, including Forests such as Glen Affric, Sherwood Forest, Coed y Brenin amongst other stunning landscapes.

This was certainly a stamps issue essential for any nature enthusiast or admirer of some of the UK’s most stunning environments!

September – Elton John and Royal Navy Ships

Two giant special stamps issues were launched in September, with the start of the month paying tribute to the phenomenal music career of the Rocketman himself, Sir Elton John!

A legend of the music world, the success that Sir Elton John has achieved during his illustrious time as a chart-topping music artist cannot be understated.

With total sales of his records worldwide estimated to equal between £275m and £300m, Sir Elton John has firmly established himself as one of the biggest selling music artists of all time, so it was only a matter of time until he was given the ultimate tribute in the form of his very own special stamps edition!

Designs featuring eight of his most popular and groundbreaking albums have been included in this monumental special stamps issue, making it a must-own collection for fans of the music superstar or of giants in the music industry!

From colossal music careers to colossal ships of the seas, the second release in the month was an issue of stamps dedicated solely to one of Britain’s great naval institutions, the Royal Navy.

Known as the ‘senior service’ since it’s introduction in 1546, the Royal Navy has gone on to become a truly strong naval power, with numerous amounts of its commissioned ships becoming just as prestigious as the service itself!

Several landmark ships introduced by the Royal Navy are contained within this thrilling release of eight special stamps, including titans such as HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Victory, HMS Dreadnought, Mary Rose and others.

For any individual with a deep interest in ships or in the historic significance of the Royal Navy service, this is yet another special stamps release which would be a disappointment to miss out on!

October – The Gruffalo

The landmark 20th anniversary of the ever-popular children’s novel The Gruffalo was marked in October by the truly enchanting issue of The Gruffalo special stamps!

Six lovingly illustrated key scenes are depicted in each stamp in this exquisite celebration of the whimsical tale of The Gruffalo, with iconic lines from the story also featuring on each design.

The talented original illustrator of this wondrous children’s tale, Axel Scheffler, was specially commissioned by the Royal Mail in order to help produce these special stamp designs, making it a collection all ages can adore!

November – Christmas 2019 and Star Wars III

It’s never truly the countdown to Christmas until some brand-new Christmas themed special stamps are launched, and the Royal Mail have certainly not been one to disappoint with the stunning reveal of the Christmas 2019 special stamps collection.

Creating a central focus on the powerful connection between both light and the Christmas season, eight designs make up this wonderful set which illustrates key characters and themes relating to the Nativity story, crafted by the brilliant husband and wife design team, Hari and Deepti.

Those seeking the true spirit of Christmas this year would be remised to miss out on preserving this eloquent yet striking Christmas 2019 special stamps issue for themselves or for a loved one.

And how else could we end a year of captivating special stamps releases than with one that truly epitomizes the essence of the Sci-fi phenomenon we have come to know as the Star Wars™ franchise!

Launched just in time for when cinema-goers will be heading to see ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ later next month, the Star Wars III special stamps collection brings a further 10 new character led designs to the forefront.

Both classic heroes and villains have made it into this truly intergalactic issue, including Count Dooku, Darth Maul and Queen Amidala alongside some new faces due to appear in the next exciting installment such as Zorii and Jannah.

It goes without saying that any true Star Wars fan or avid watcher of cinema blockbusters can’t truly feel the power of ‘the Force’ until they add this monumental set to their ongoing collection!

The 2019 Yearbook and 2019 Yearpack

The 2019 Yearbook features every special stamp series that has been released throughout the course of the year in a limited-edition hardback compendium.

With an overarching theme of ‘Along the Lines’, every chapter in the book is dedicated to each stamp issue and is written by a specially commissioned expert on each topic and is also packed with photos and imagery to help provide a fresh perspective on each theme commemorated or celebrated.

Additionally, why not take a look at the 2019 Yearpack, which contains every 2019 special stamps issue and accompanying miniature sheet inside a protective, decorative folder.

Folding out to reveal two wide pages, the cover of the 2019 Yearpack utilises a collage of 2019 stamps to form the logo, with the reverse of the pack helping to provide more detailed information about each issue and includes one of the postmarks used during its release.

Whether you missed one of the releases during one month in the year or if you desire each in mint condition, the 2019 Yearbook and the 2019 Yearpack makes for a wonderful seasonal treat this season or serve as a delightful set of personal souvenirs to treasure for years to come!

The 2019 Yearbook and 2019 Yearpack are out now, so make sure to order yours from the Post Office Shop whilst stocks last to avoid disappointment!

2019 Yearbook Cover2019 Yearbook - 2019 Yearpack Cover

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