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Published on November 18th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Royal Mail Reflect on Special Stamps with the Release of the 2019 Yearbook – Part 1

2019 has been another tremendous year for special stamps issues, all of which are highlighted in Royal Mail’s new 2019 Yearbook!

With the final Special Stamps issue for the year being revealed as the mighty Star Wars III last week, it’s time we look back and reminisce on what has been another great set of stamps releases within the Special Stamps 2019 calendar!

From the MARVEL-ous heroics of the comic book world, a celebration of the true wonders within the British Engineering industry and a tribute to the man they call the Rocketman, this year’s special stamp issues have certainly had something for all generations!

Join us as we flashback to the first six months of 2019 in special stamps, starting with January’s release all the way up to May’s double issue!

January – Stamp Classics

We started the year paying tribute to many of the historic stamp designs of yesteryear and highlighted 150 years since the formation of The Royal Philatelic Society with the Stamp Classics issue!

Each of the six designs were crafted in a chronological order, beginning with the reign of Queen Victoria and concluding with Elizabeth II, who also officially opened the Postal Museum during her reign in 1969.

These detailed reproductions of stamps throughout six different British monarchy reigns truly made Stamp Classics an exceptional addition to any philatelist’s or proud historian’s collection!

1st Class - King Edward VII

February – Leonardo da Vinci

Sticking with the theme of historical significance, we were then taken back to technical artistic brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci in February, with a special stamps issue to mark 500 years of his finest work.

A generous twelve stamps were released in this truly wonderous collection and featured a plethora of his most inspiring and thought-provoking drawings taken from the collection acquired for the Royal Collection by King Charles around the year of 1670.

Demonstrating the diversity of objects and subject matters such as human anatomy, theories and animals, the Leonardo Da Vinci collection further highlighted his true genius and influence on the world as we know it today.

Leonardo The fall of light on a face stamp

March – Marvel

It was time to assemble in March as the first of the secret special stamps issues to be revealed was none other than one based on the Marvel universe!

Having thrilled generation after generation of fans since the introduction of its very first comic strips in 1961, Marvel has gone on to become a truly global phenomenon and a gigantic film and multimedia franchise to boot!

Ten designs based on the Marvel franchises’ most iconic and empowering heroes were issued in the thrilling Marvel UK special stamps release, featuring the likes of Doctor Strange, Thor, Captain Britain, Spider-Man, Black Panther and more.

For comic book fans and Marvel enthusiasts, this was a special stamps issue that they couldn’t afford to let fly by!

Project Stanley Captain Britain

April – Birds of Prey

With superhero like abilities of their own (mainly being able to take flight majestically!), April’s special stamps issue provided a focus on some truly fascinating Birds of Prey!

With each bird having been photographed by the renowned British photographer, Tim Flach, within the International Centre for Birds of Prey, each of the ten exceptional designs featured the likes of the White-tailed Eagle, the Merlin, the Buzzard, the Kestrel and more in incredible and intricate close-up detail.

Those enamored by wildlife or by Birds of Prey were able to truly admire the magnificence of each bird with this encapsulating Birds of Prey issue!

Birds of Prey Special Stamps Kestrel Stamp

May – British Engineering and Queen Victoria Bicentenary

It was a double header in May, which saw the Royal Mail release two special stamps issues in the form of British Engineering and Queen Victoria Bicentenary!

An authentic devotion to remarkable advances in British Engineering was our first treat in the month, with many of the most influential projects and creations within the British Engineering discipline being paid great attention to.

Six momentous designs highlighting the Raspberry Pi, the MRI Scanner and the Falkirk Wheel amongst others made British Engineering a can’t-miss issue for those who often marvel at modern technology and many of Britain’s most illustrious developments in engineering.

MRI Scanner British Engineering Special Stamps

And speaking of illustrious, May also marked the celebration of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s Bicentenaries!

To mark the occasion, six special stamps designs were issued that charted the life of Victoria as she went from Princess to Empress in what became the second longest Monarchy reign in British Royal History, with an accompanying set of Miniature Sheet stamps helping to celebrate the legacy that Prince Albert also created.

A grand collection which truly highlighted the significance and historic impact of Queen Victoria’s reign as Queen of England, it was only fitting to end the first half of the year with a landmark such as Queen Victoria Bicentenary!

Portrait of Queen Victoria Wearing the Robes of State

We’ve covered the first 6 months of the Special Stamps releases in 2019 here, but be sure to check back on the Post Office Shop Blog next Tuesday as we reveal the issues that were launched in the final six months of the year!

The 2019 Yearbook and 2019 Yearpack

The 2019 Yearbook features every special stamp series that has been released throughout the course of the year in a limited-edition hardback compendium.

With an overarching theme of ‘Along the Lines’, every chapter in the book is dedicated to each stamp issue and is written by a specially commissioned expert on each topic and is also packed with photos and imagery to help provide a fresh perspective on each theme commemorated or celebrated.

Additionally, why not take a look at the 2019 Yearpack, which contains every 2019 special stamps issue and accompanying miniature sheet inside a protective, decorative folder.

Folding out to reveal two wide pages, the cover of the 2019 Yearpack utilises a collage of 2019 stamps to form the logo, with the reverse of the pack helping to provide more detailed information about each issue and includes one of the postmarks used during its release.

Whether you missed one of the releases during one month in the year or if you desire each in mint condition, the 2019 Yearbook and the 2019 Yearpack make for a wonderful seasonal treat this season or serve as a delightful set of personal souvenirs to treasure for years to come!

The 2019 Yearbook and 2019 Yearpack are released on the 26th of November, so make sure to pre-order yours now in time for release from the Post Office Shop to avoid disappointment!

2019 Yearbook2019 Yearpack - 2019 Yearbook

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