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Published on November 16th, 2018 | by Sam Rose

Celebrate 2018 With the 2018 Special Stamps Yearbook – Part 2

It’s time to look back throughout the course of the year as we flash back to every Special Stamps series issued in 2018 in the 2018 Special Stamps Yearbook!

2018 has been an exciting and unique year for Royal Mail special stamps releases. From the wonder and amazement that gripped the country during the Royal Wedding to the marvelous and magical world of Harry Potter, there’s been something for everyone when it comes to stamps to add to your collection!

Join us as we explore the second half of 2018 in Special Stamps, continuing with June’s issue and finishing with November’s double release!

June – Dad’s Army

Fans of the classic television sitcom Dad’s Army were in for a real treat in June, as the Royal Mail commissioned the issue of some Dad’s Army themed special stamps! Each of the 8 stamp designs includes one of the iconic characters from the show along with their famous and most memorable catchphrases, including the likes of Private Frazer uttering “We’re doomed, doomed!” and Lance Corporal Jones telling everyone “Don’t panic, don’t panic!”

Dad's Army Lance Corporal Jones

Did You Know?

In a tribute to the show’s success, the town in which most of the outside scenes of the show were filmed, Thetford in Norfolk, installed a statue of the character Captain Mainwaring. The statue sits on a bench wearing the Home Guard uniform and can still be seen when visiting the town today!

July – Hampton Court Palace

July was a time to witness the extravagant and outstanding architecture of Hampton Court Palace with the issue of 6 beautiful special stamps. The designs draw close attention to picturesque areas of the Palace including the Pond Garden, the Great Fountain Garden and the Hampton Court Palace Maze captured in a series of high quality photographs.

HCP East Front

Did You Know?

According to folklore and hearsay, the Palace grounds are haunted by several ghosts. In fact, the Palace holds regular ghost tours of the premises during the winter months in the evenings. There’s even a ghost tour that kids can embark on!

August – Captain Cook and the Endeavour Voyage & The Old Vic

Two major milestones were marked in August with Royal Mail’s special stamps issues. First, it was the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook and the Endeavour Voyage. Captain James Cook’s epic voyage saw him and his crew members initiate the first European contact with Eastern Australia, map out the country of New Zealand and observe the transit of Venus, all of which are highlighted in this collection of 6 fascinating special stamps.

CC Captain James Cook

Did You Know?

Captain James Cook was born in the county of Yorkshire and worked on a farm before winning an apprenticeship with a merchant sailing company at the age of 17. He then enlisted in the British Royal Navy as a common seaman only 9 years later at the age of 26!

Later in August, the Royal Mail marked the bicentenary of one of the most important venues in the UK’s performing arts history, The Old Vic. Hosting some of the countries greatest actors, The Old Vic has helped to play a crucial role in the development of Modern British theatre and 8 special stamps were issued to promote some of the most important performances to have been held there including Glenda Jackson in King Lear and Henry V starring Richard Burton CBE.

The Old Vic Henry V 1955

Did You Know?

Dame Judi Dench made her professional stage debut at The Old Vic at the age of just 22. Playing Ophelia in Hamlet, early reviews on her performance standard weren’t very kind to her , but she stayed within The Old Vic company for another four seasons until 1961.

September – First World War 1918

The final in a series of poignant and commemorative stamps and collectibles based on the First World War was issued by Royal Mail in September this year. Featuring thought provoking imagery and emotional overtones stemming from the final hours of this conflict, these 6 stamp designs serve as a fitting tribute to those who played their part in bringing the war to its conclusion.

WW1 1918 100 Poppies, Z & B Baran

Did You Know?

12 million letters were delivered to the front line every week during the First World War. It took two days for each letter sent from Britain to reach the front in France. The journey would begin at a purpose-built sorting depot in Regent’s Park before sent items would then be shipped to the trenches.

October – Harry Potter

The Royal Mail stunned and amazed everyone with their secret special stamps issued in October! Revealed at the very last second, we entered back into the spellbinding world of the Harry Potter films with an enchanting collection of 10 special stamps focusing on memorable moments from the epic saga and shining a spotlight on the most prominent characters in the Harry Potter universe!

HP Harry Potter

Did You Know?

The surname of the character Albus Dumbledore is the Old English word for ‘Bumblebee’. J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, said she chose the name as she always imagined the character of Albus Dumbledore always humming to himself.

November – Christmas 2018 & Prince Charles 70th Birthday

To close out the year, the Royal Mail decided to issue two separate special stamps releases – an annual Christmas set of special stamps and a surprise issue of stamps to mark the special birthday anniversary of His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

Continuing in much of the tradition the Royal Mail upholds to yearly, we experienced a true winter wonderland in the form of the Christmas 2018 special stamps earlier this month! The eclectic collection is full of seasonal spirit and contains 6 special stamps that bring wintry scenes of posting letters and parcels in the countryside and within towns to life.

Christmas 2018 1st Class

Did You Know?

The figure of Santa Claus originally wore clothing that was blue, white and even green in past folklore! However, the traditional red suit we fondly recognise today was featured in an advert from Coca Cola in the 1930s and has stuck ever since.

For the occasion of his 70th Birthday, Royal Mail’s most recent special stamps issue is a spectacular celebration of the life and times of His Royal Highness, Prince Charles. Since leaving the Armed Forces, Prince Charles has continued to play a monumental role in becoming an ambassador to the Monarchy within the United Kingdom along with being at the helm of an extensive network of charities. These 6 special stamps provide an incredible glimpse into his personal life and his Royal duties too.

Prince Charles 70th 1st 1

Did You Know?

Prince Charles has a variety of interests including the likes of architecture, organic farming, conservation and environmental sustainability. He also has a keen interest in the theatre, opera and symphony concerts, all of which he regularly attends both to aid fundraising for his charities or sometimes privately.

Missed the first part of our flashback on 2018 in Special Stamps? Then click here to read about all of the Special Stamps issues from the first half of the year!

The 2018 Special Stamps Yearbook

The 2018 Special Stamps Yearbook features every special stamp series that has been released throughout the course of the year in a limited-edition hardback book, presented in an elegant protective clamshell case. Whether you missed one of the releases during one month in the year or if you desire each in mint condition, the 2018 Special Stamps Yearbook makes for a wonderful seasonal treat or a superb souvenir this Christmas from Post Office Shop!

Royal Mail 2018 Special Stamps Yearbook

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