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10 Pieces Of Surprising Stationery Trivia

It’s World Stationery Day which coincides nicely with National Stationery Week and at the Post Office Shop we love all things stationery related, that’s why we have a huge range in various pack sizes to choose from.

What’s more we can tell you some quirky stationery facts too, so here’s 10 pieces of surprising stationery trivia!

It Is White To Say MTV Was Created From Tipp-Ex!

Correction fluid was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham in the 1950’s who sold her company to the Gillette Corporation. Part of her fortune went to her son, Mike Nesmith of The Monkees who used his newly found wealth to fund ‘PopClips’ which was an American music video programme which later grew into MTV.


It is Pritty Accurate To Say Lipstick Inspired The Creation Of The Glue Stick

The Pritt Stick was the inspiration of Dr Wolfgang Dierichs who observed a woman applying her lipstick on a plane which inspired the creation.


Keep This One Under Your Hat

Foolscap paper takes its name from paper of that size in the 15th century which featured a watermark of a jester’s cap.


Here’s Some Bread-Time Reading

The eraser was discovered by accident when the inventor, Edward Nairne, picked up a piece of rubber accidentally in 1770 instead of the breadcrumbs or crust of bread which were widely used to erase pencil marks up until this point.


It Is Quite Ink-Credible To Realise How The Biro Pen First Came To Prominence

Britain’s airmen are largely responsible for distinction of the Biro pen. Invented by Hungarian Laszlo Biro, it was the bulk order made by the RAF during the Second World War to enable them to write at high altitude that was significant in growing their popularity compared to using fountain pens prone to leak whilst airborne.


Blue Sweets Suck!

Since it first appeared on the market in 1971, Blu-Tack has always been associated with the colour blue. It was actually white in its conceptual stage but was made blue as it went to market to address concerns that children could mistake it for sweets – at the time of its launch there were no blue-coloured sweets on sale.


There’s Mileage In Choosing A Pen Over a Pencil

A typical lead pencil can draw a line that is 35 miles long, whilst the average BiC ballpoint pen can draw a line 2 miles long.


A Craving For Crayons Anyone?

In 1994, Crayola produced a 16-pack of crayons that released fragrances when used including Cherry, Chocolate, & Blueberry. A year later these were scrapped after complaints by parents that some of the crayons smelled good enough to eat.


Assisting Soldiers In A Sticky Situation

Superglue has proved to be a life-saver with a valuable use way beyond the home or office. During the Vietnam War soldiers were issued with tubes to seal stomach wounds in the battlefield.


Have You Twigged That Pencil Sharpeners Are An Essential Piece of Survival Kit?

Way beyond sharpening pencils used for writing and drawing, pencil sharpeners can also sharpen small twigs to make wood shavings which can serve as tinder to help start a fire. Eat your heart out Bear Grills.

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