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Time For Some Paper Trivia To Ream-member

As the paperless office seems to be somewhat of a pipe-dream for most of us, we thought it would be apt to share some interesting facts and figures about paper, especially as it is something we use so regularly in our everyday lives, and not just for writing and printing purposes either.

When it comes to toilet paper, on average we each use 100 rolls per year and over a lifetime it takes about 384 trees to fulfill our individual toilet paper requirements!

Taking its name from the Latin word papyrus, paper Comprises of moist fibers pressed together. It is thought that paper was discovered by Cai Lun who was a Chinese eunuch and political official. He is said to have invented both the pulp papermaking process as well as the composition of paper itself.

There is considerable waste paper from many items we use regularly. For instance the process whereby postage stamps are produced results in 50 tonnes of waste paper perforations each year.

As we all strive for a green office and indeed to become more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives, two thirds of the modern paper we consume is made from recycled paper. The motivation to recycle paper is clear considering that for every tonne of paper used for recycling, 17 trees are saved.

It is interesting to note too that a first wedding anniversary is supposed to be symbolised by a gift made from paper. But why paper you may ask? Well it is thought that strength in the early stage of married life is thought to be consistent with the composition of paper’s individual threads. So if your first wedding anniversary is fast approaching, why not put pen to paper and write a love letter to your partner about your first year together since the big day?

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