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Published on March 7th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw


Nations of the Crown

The new 12-sided £1 coin is the most innovative coin ever produced by The Royal Mint. This is the first major change to the specification of the £1 coin since it replaced the £1 note in 1983.

After 33 years, featuring 24 circulating designs created by eight different artists, we bid farewell to the last ‘round pound’. Now, we celebrate the end of an era and welcome its state-of-the art successor.

The Twelve Sided £1 Coin

A showcase for latest technology, as well as time-honoured skills honed over The Royal Mint’s 1,000-year history, the new pound coin is a design fit for the future. It includes security features that aim to safeguard our currency for years to come.

The coin features a new shape and bimetallic appearance in two different colours. It also includes other visible security elements, to tackle the problems of sophisticated counterfeiting head-on. The addition of The Royal Mint’s patented High Security Feature, within the coin itself, adds to its reputation as the most secure coin in the world.

You can read more details about its security features in our previous article, Get Ready for the New Pound Coin.

Nations of the Crown 2017 £1 Coin Design – David Pearce

The general public was given a rare opportunity to play a part in bringing the new 12-sided £1 coin into the nation’s pockets. An open design competition was held and 15-year-old David Pearce, of Queen Mary’s Grammar School, West Midlands was the winner.

David’s fresh interpretation of traditional floral emblems was chosen to symbolise modern Britain on this most modern coin. His design features the four floral emblems of the nations of the United Kingdom

  • The English Rose
  • The Welsh Leek
  • The Scottish Thistle
  • The Northern Irish Shamrock (which emerges from one stem within a royal coronet).

The Last ‘Round Pound’ 2016 £1 Coin Design – Bishop Gregory Cameron

The Last Round Pound Brilliant Uncirculated £1 Coin 2016

The last commemorative “Round Pound Coin” features a design by Gregory Cameron, Bishop of the Anglican Church in Wales, a keen amateur artist and coin collector. The coin, dated 2016, has never entered circulation.

Cameron initially submitted his Royal Arms design in the competition for the new 12-sided coin. However, it wasn’t selected. Despite this, his design proved so popular with The Royal Mint Advisory Committee, that they chose it for the last commemorative ‘round pound’ instead.

Hence, the ‘Royal Beasts’ of the four nations are shown defending a heraldic representation of the crown of the United Kingdom. They leap to the defense of the sovereignty of our nation, symbolic of our proud and varied history.

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Check Your Pockets

Finally, as the round pound is soon to be replaced, it is time to Check the Round £1 Coin in Your Pocket. It might be worth more than you think.

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