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Making A Mark With The Right Pen

When it comes to choosing the right product faced with a whole host of different options, it can sometimes be baffling to know what is required, so our handy product guide is a very useful point of reference. One such scenario where this can apply is when choosing the right marker pens. So where to start?

Well firstly it’s important to decide what the marker pen sought will be used for? Perhaps it is for everyday use such as writing and marking at home or in the office. Perhaps a heavy duty marker pen is needed for those tough surfaces.  Alternatively maybe a specialist type is sought for labeling those more specific materials such as CD’s, whiteboards and ceramics.

So having given some thought to the actual application of a marker pen, it’s then all about selecting the right tip. Believe it or not there are actually five different types of pen tips. An ultra fine tip provides a narrow tip giving precise control when writing whereas a fine/bullet tip is suitable for general, everyday use.

There are then three different more specialist marker pen tips too. Combining both an ultra fine tip and fine/bullet tip in the one pen, a twin tip marker pen offers handy flexibility. For making larger markings, either the large/chisel tip or extra large tip are more suitable.

So having considered the application and right tip, its then time to think about whether it’s a permanent, washable or erasable marker pen that is going to be most suitable.

A permanent, containing ink which is not washable, is perfect for wood, metal, glass, plastic, leather and porcelain surfaces. Extremely durable and long lasting, such marker pens contain quick drying ink which is both fade and water resistant. There are also options of metallic marker pens ideal for decorating everyday objects at home such as mugs, plant pots or even clothes!

As an alternative to permanent, the washable variety can easily be removed from most fabrics of clothes. As the ideal choice of marker pen for sketching or drawing and for use by children, the washable variety feature low odour ink and have a long cap off life.

A third option for consideration when selecting the right marker pen is that of the erasable variety which can be wiped from specific surfaces such as whiteboards simply with the use of a dry cloth.

Phew, so after taking into consideration all of the above information the final decision faced with is which is the colour of preference for the tasks concerned. Alternatively, it is possible to select a pack of assorted colours with the 80’s glam limited edition permanent markers from Sharpie.

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