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#Happywriting With A Touch Of Magic!

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Write, delete (FriXion IT!) and repeat as many times as you like – that’s the beauty of Pilot FriXion pens! And with National Doodle Day just round the corner (on Friday 6th February), there’s never been a better time to get those creative juices flowing whilst discovering the innovative technology incorporated into Pilot FriXion Pens.

But just how can ink seemingly be written and then effortlessly removed without trace? Well the answer lies in the power of thermosensitive ink!

The exclusive thermo-sensitive ink technology adopted by Pilot FriXion pens means that any corrections that need to be made can readily be achieved using the integrated FriXion eraser tip which works in the same way as a regular pencil eraser. Making corrections by ‘Frixion-It’ heats the ink to over 65°C and the ink becomes translucent.

Thermosensitive ink secrets

So how exactly does Pilot’s exclusive thermosensitive ink technology work? FriXion ink contains special microcapsules which hold the colour. The contents of the microcapsule then react to extreme changes in temperature. These microcapsules within the ink particle then separate to go transparent when the FriXion eraser is applied. At temperatures below -12°C,  microcapsules within the ink particle combine again and the colour returns.

Experiencing thermosensitive ink power first hand

Want to experience the thermosensitive ink power of Pilot’s FriXion pens for yourself? Well just follow these simple instructions:

Firstly, write a secret message on a piece of paper. Secondly, FriXion it! with the eraser on the end of the pen. Next send it to a friend and ask them to put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Then, presto! The ink will reappear as if by magic at temperatures under -12°C and your friend will be able to read the secret message.

FriXion pens offer a unique writing experience with the possibility to erase any mistakes using the integrated FriXion eraser. So now is the time to embrace #HAPPYWRITING and why not experience the thermosensitive ink power of Pilot’s FriXion pens for yourself?

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