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Avian Art Inspiration Using Paper

When it comes to taking inspiration from paper and magazines to produce stunning artwork, a Colombian artist will certainly take some beating!

Diana Beltran Herrara wanted to try and capture the stunning beauty of brightly coloured exotic birds in astonishing detail so went to task to produce a series of creations using every day stationery items including adhesives and tapes, plus wire, watercolours and inks along with a trusted pair of scissors.


As a way of embracing her creative talents when she was short of money to buy materials, Diana decided to experiment with paper as a way to recreate birds as an art form.

So why did she choose to focus her attention on birds you may ask? Well apparently it was a visit to Helsinki and the natural beauty she discovered there which stirred her strong passion for nature and the environment. From there Diana has taken her paper art to soaring new heights using wild birds as the focus for her inspiration.


Explaining her passion for creating these wonderful and colourful masterpieces, Ms Herrera has explained: “After my trip to Helsinki, I saw nature in a different way, I was inspired to create animals that capture the beauty of nature. Paper was always something I could find, I had lots of sheets of paper at home and I loved experimenting with a material I could find anywhere.

“I think through art we can show how important our environment is and really appreciate the things around us, it is important to respect the natural world. People are often surprised by how realistic the sculptures look, they can’t believe that they are made simply with paper.

“I am going to start my studies at the University of the West of England in Bristol where I hope to try my hand at creating animals out of wood and ceramics but I am really interested in taking my paper art to a really high level.”


We eagerly await to see where Ms Herrera’s talents will take her next but we are sure people will flock to see her creations when they are ever exhibited.

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