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Are You Often Confused About Days Of The Week?

Is there anyone out there that didn’t realise today is Thursday? Don’t worry if you’re not sure what day of the week it is, you’re probably not alone. A study published by lead researcher Dr David Ellis from the University of Lincoln and titled ‘Mental Representations of Weekdays’ suggests we are confused and muddled about the day of the week in four out of ten instances.

The research, which also involved psychologists from the universities of York and Hertfordshire, was compiled following an experiment to discover our perceptions of different days of the week.

Apparently the mundane middle days of the working week, between Tuesday and Thursday are particularly forgettable and often struggle to stand out in our minds.


M is for Monday misery and F is for Friday fun

Workers everywhere will concur with the notion that we associate Mondays with misery as we return to the office with a whole week of work ahead of us after the weekend whereas we associate Fridays with fun as two days of rest and relaxation for most are eagerly anticipated.

Indeed, as well as ‘misery’, Mondays also mainly prompted negative words like ‘boring’, ‘hectic’ and ‘tired’ whereas Fridays are associated with positive words such as ‘party’, ‘freedom’, ‘fun’ and ‘release’.

What’s more, it is interesting to note that the anticipation of the weekend and time off work is sometimes better than the relaxation itself with Fridays perceived as being more enjoyable than Saturdays!

The Cure and The Bangles have a lot to answer for

Another fascinating point for consideration suggested by this research is that the popularity of Mondays and Fridays with songwriters might influence our thinking and thus exaggerate our perceptions that the middle part of the week is more mundane.

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Whilst songs like Manic Monday by the Bangles and Friday I’m in Love by The Cure are widely known, songs written about the middle part of the week are far less common!
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